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Learn Guitar Online during the Lockdown

learn guitar feliciano

Why don’t you take the opportunity to Learn Guitar Online during the COVID-19 Lockdown? Get a guitar and Online Course while listening to Guitar Classics. Trying to learn how to play guitar? Well done – this is probably the best decision you will ever make! However, the guitar can be a tricky instrument to learn, […]

Roxy Music’s 1973 For your pleasure album – Manu’s review

We tend to forget it but Roxy Music was one of the most innovative, disruptive, bands of the 70’s. Their second opus, the Roxy Music’s 1973 For your pleasure album, is in my opinion, their best ever and fully deserves to be in your collection. A jewel that truly belongs to the list of the […]

The Pixies Surfer Rosa album – Manu’s Review

Pixies Surfer Rosa album Vinyl on

Released exclusively in the UK in 1988 by an indie label, Pixies’ Surfer Rosa is their first major album. Surprisingly, although it is praised today as being one of the 500 best albums ever (one that laid the foundations of alternative rock), it was not a commercial success at first. And it had to wait […]

The Eagles Debut Album 1972 – Manu’s Review

Eagles Debut Album 1975 Japanese vinyl LP

I like the idea that my vinyl collection holds most game changing albums. This 1972 Eagles debut album certainly belongs there. Because it made so that anyone can immediately identify any Eagles tune! My feeling about the Eagles debut album A unique mix of country-rock, ballads, rock-and-roll and amazing singing harmonies, it was an instant […]

Paul Weller Wild Wood Album – Manu’s Review

Paul Weller Wild Wood

Released in September 1993, Wild Wood is Paul Weller’s second solo album. And it is a masterpiece that belongs to your collection. Definitely, Paul Weller Wild Wood is one of the top British albums ever released. Paul Weller Wild Wood Album I have two heroes in music : David Crosby and Paul Weller. Both are […]

Under A Blood Red Sky by U2 (1983) – Manu’s Review

Under a Blood Red Sky by U2

We all have an album that we played over and over when we were teens. The One you still know every song of, every comment by the band, every reaction of the audience, every sound, by heart. Mine is Under A Blood Red Sky by U2 (mini live album). This is so powerful, so energetic. […]

Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young 4 Way Street, 2LP 1971 – Manu’s Review

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young 4 Way Street UK 2-LP vinyl Cover

4 Way Street is definitely part of the 20 albums that I would bring along to a desert island. This is Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young at their very very best. One may argue that this live album is one of the first ever great albums of the genre, only rivaled in my opinion by […]

Stephen Stills Manassas 1972 double LP – Manu’s review

Stephen Stills Manassas

Released in April 1972, Manassas is the first album of Stills side project Manassas. It was an instant success, acclaimed by critics and awarded gold just a month after its release. There are many good reasons for this album to be in your collection of vinyls! Manu’s review of Stephen Stills Manassas 1972 double LP […]