Learn Guitar Online during the Lockdown

Why don’t you take the opportunity to Learn Guitar Online during the COVID-19 Lockdown?

Get a guitar and Online Course while listening to Guitar Classics.

Trying to learn how to play guitar? Well done – this is probably the best decision you will ever make! However, the guitar can be a tricky instrument to learn, which is why a good course is essential if you want to do things properly.

In the good ol’ days – and we’re talking just 20 years ago – the only real way to learn guitar was from a book, a VHS, or face-to-face with a teacher. While these are still very valid methods (just replace VHS with Blu-ray!), learning how to play guitar via an online course is now considered one of the best ways of learning.

Learn Guitar Online with Soundorabilia Partners

Which is why we have written this post. Here we give you everything you need to get the most popular online guitar courses, their pros and cons, and whether they are worth spending your cash on.

Learn Guitar Online - Find Alfreds Teach Yourself to Play Guitar Beginners Kit at Gear 4 Music
Online Training MuseScore: Mastering Music Notation Free Software

These courses cover the fundamentals of Guitars that are necessary for all styles, but I don”t specifically teach one style or technique. If you want to learn José Feliciano music, then you”ll have to study his guitar style specifically. The only materials I could find are:

José Feliciano Guitar Tab

Keep in mind that you”ll have a much better job learning this stuff if you know the guitar theory that I teach. The scale patterns, chord shapes, chord progressions and modes I teach are used in all styles of music.

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